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Your Questions about the Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Answered

Posted Dec 20 2009 10:12pm
Episodes of high profile infidelity like the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal, raise many questions about certain aspects of infidelity.
So I closely monitor all infidelity-related breaking news, with a view toward the types of questions those of you who read my articles and blog posts might ask.

Some of your questions deal with the latest developments about Tiger Woods, his wife Elin Nordegren, and the numerous mistresses Tiger is alleged to have had.

But many of you have asked questions about related infidelity issues that you’re personally dealing with. Thus, most of my Tiger Woods / Elin Nordegren Woods articles also contain practical advice.

Below are some or your burning questions about the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal, followed by links to the articles that provide the answers.

Questions Related to Tiger Woods

· What does Tiger Woods have in common with other cheating men?

· What did Tiger Woods’ first 3 mistresses say about their experiences with him that indicate Tiger could possibly be a sex addict?

· Could dual addictions to sex and prescription drugs provide a valid medical reason for Tiger Woods’ multiple mistresses and serial infidelity?

· What are some of the reasons rich and famous men cheat, and which reasons apply to Tiger Woods?

· How does a “good man” with the best of intentions end up cheating on his wife?

Questions Related to Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ Wife

· What kind of violence occurs as a result of infidelity?

· What should a wife do when rumors start to circulate that her husband is cheating?

· What should a wife do when rumors of her husband’s infidelity actually turn out to be true?

· What factors should a wife take into consideration when deciding whether to divorce her cheating husband or give him a second chance?

Articles that Answer Your Questions

For answers to these and other questions about the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal from an infidelity expert’s point of view, see the articles below which are posted on the National Infidelity Examiner page at Visit

Tiger Woods Infidelity Due to Sex Addiction Plus Drugs that Boosted His Sex Drive

New Details about Tiger Woods Secret Love Life Reveal He May Be Addicted to Sex

6 Things Tiger Woods Did that Are Common to Most Cheating Men

14 Reasons Why Tiger Woods and Other Rich and Famous Men Cheat

How Good Men End Up Cheating on Their Mates

Was Tiger Woods’ Car Accident Caused by Infidelity?

An Infidelity Expert’s Advice to Tiger Woods Wife

What Tiger Woods’ Wife Should Do if the Infidelity Rumors Are True

More Infidelity Advice from an Expert, for Tiger Wood’s Wife Now That the Rumors are True

Free Tip Sheet Helps Women Like Elin Nordegren Decide Whether or Not to Stay with a Cheating Mate

To read these and other articles about the Tiger Woods Sex Scandal, infidelity, cheating husbands, mistresses, and extramarital affairs, visit my National Infidelity Examiner page at

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