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You Told Me: The Religion & Marriage Poll Results

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:18pm
The results of the poll on religion in marriage have arrived.

The first one doesn't really surprise me, as a lot of my readers are LDS, and most of us tend to marry within our faith. I'd be interested in knowing what percentage of those people were LDS. If I were a professional pollster, I probably would have thought of that.

This was a little bit surprising to me. First, it was surprising because a lot more people answered this question than they did the first one. Apparently people are more willing to talk about how often they practice their religion than they are about whether they share those beliefs with others.

Second, it was surprising because while it seems that I should have asked the question, "Do you consider yourself religious?" Then I would know how many people who consider themselves religious spend time in religious observance.

This was heartening to read. I'm glad that couples are able to resolve their differences when it comes to religion. I would imagine that part of the reason that there are so few fights is that couples resolve the religion question before they get married.

Or, people just find religion a less important thing to argue about.

So, what are your thoughts? Those of you who answered the poll, do you consider yourselves strongly religious?
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