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You must learn day by day, year ...

Posted Sep 12 2008 7:53am

You must learn day by day, year by year, to broaden your horizon. The more things you love, the more you are interested in, the more you enjoy, the more you are indignant about, the more you have left when anything happens. ~ Ethel Barrymore

Becoming your own person and having your own space and your own interests gives you an independent nature that increases your chances of doing well in spite of it all.

Life is full of loss and disappointment and uncertainty. The only thing you have control over is you. The only person who is responsible for your happiness is you. The firmer your foundation, the one you have built for yourself, the less chance of the earth moving beneath your feet when someone leaves or life takes a sudden turn.

Spend some time each day cultivating what YOU like, what is important to YOU, what new interests you can find, what goals you want to reach, what boundaries and limits you need to set.

Become firm and strong in your beliefs and in your dedication and commitment to yourself. Have a bountiful and full life. Enjoy what there is and learn to depend on you for your happiness and fulfillment.

You can handle anything if your feet are firmly planted on the ground and you are surrounded with a rich and happy life of your own making.

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