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You are getting sleeeeeeeepy

Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

Hopefully, computer problems are in the past, since we figured out it was an overheating problem. 

In addition to my formal education and licensing and my own psychotherapy journey of healing,  I've been on a journey of self-exploration most of my life -- plunging into all sorts of new experiences, theories and techniques whenever something looked interesting.  I guess I'm a self-awareness junkie; because I know it's my path to a better life, better relationships and more joy.  Spiritual growth, Tarot and Kabbalah,  past-life regression, astrology, numerology, depth psychology -- you name it, I've probably done it.  Including, in my "weekend hippie" days in the late 60's, sexual experimentation and ritual peyote trips.  Every bit of it, including the painful parts, has been rich with discovery and adventure. 

After a hiatus of many years, to understand and deal with the weight I've gained since menopause, I've gone back recently for hypnosis with Sheri O. Zampelli, whom I find to be powerful and helpful as a guide for this inner journey.  If you're struggling with weight and body issues, I highly recommend her.

I've had many "aha!" moments during our six sessions, and gained many insights I'll be sharing with you from time to time.  Today's session led to a realization that, while I've often given thanks for food, I haven't been giving thanks to the food itself, for being such a miracle and a resource.  Just think about it.  All that glorious, aromatic, colorful and amazing abundance is there for us to enjoy.  It's our source of sustenance, pleasure, health and even a catalyst for friendship and socializing.  As a vegetarian, the food I eat is so clearly light transformed -- it wouldn't exist (and therefore neither would I) without the light.  Soil, water, light and a miraculous tiny seed come together in an alchemical way to create beauty and nourishment.  Amazing.  I don't think I'll ever eat another meal without being conscious of the miracle it represents.

Dr. Romance believes that there is room and need in our lives both for the science of things and awareness of the astounding miracles that have to happen for life to sustain us.  Yes, we can be curious about the mechanics, DNA and other scientific understanding of nature, but our minds, hearts and souls also thrill to the mysterious and miraculous processes in even the simplest natural things.

What is your latest self-discovery?

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