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Women rarely feel guilt about infidelity 3,115

Posted Oct 04 2009 10:02pm

Salvador Escobar opinion

"Cheating Wives Feel Little Guilt Over Sexual Affairs"

A more accurate statement is that women rarely feel guilt about infidelity, period.

Women, in fact, feel entitled to do it when they decide to take that route. Usually the reasons are emotional, irrational, and petty in origin. Common excuses for such horseshit are unavailability (usually because the partner is working to support the woman in question, not to mention kids), to prove a point, upgrading, and just plain nastiness. It nevers ceases to amaze me to profound amount of arrogance, immaturity and false entitlement that abounds in the actions of women when they chose to do this. Women may have the larger brains, but they also have the tiniest of integrity, logic, and class when it comes to being faithful, among other things.

Rather than clearly voice concerns as an adult would, women will often resort to hints, signals, and mindgames to justify cheating. Then when the secret' s out, any woman will act like a child that' s been told no at a toy store. Of course, we can' t forget the insanity label that women are good for placing on others when they' ve been outed and their shit causes pain on the other party or parties. It' s just sickening that women profess to be so much more ahead of men and yet are the equals of a toddler with Down Syndrome when it comes to dealing with any sort of personal responsibility.

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