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Women are more likely to forgive their men for cheating

Posted Dec 11 2009 6:09pm
Regarding the clergy and Christians cheating: one must never forget that Christianity is centered in Christ and not in Christians.

I believe that women cheat just as frequently as men do. I have always maintained that women are able to cheat without being caught out because they are smarter at it. Women have stronger intuition than men do, and a lot of women will sense their man is cheating before they actually get the proof. Because women are so much cleverer when it comes to the tell-tale signs of cheating (cell phone switched off - or permanently held on to), credit card slips, sudden change in personal habits - wearing of cologne, dressing differently - they are smarter at hiding these same signs from their men. I also think women remain more in control when they have affairs, and thus are less likely to reveal through body language etc that they are seeing someone. Unfortunately, a lot of men become quite infatuated and they sort of lose control, and hence they are more likely to do something stupid that compromises them. But that is my personal evaluation, and it would be quite interesting to know what the professional opinion is - whether women do indeed get away with it for longer than men do, before being caught.
Yes, indeed, marriage does not suddenly turn you into a loyal partner. I do believe that the guy who cheats on his girlfriend is going to cheat on his spouse. It is very unfortunate that society in general is harder on the woman who cheats that the man. It is also quite apparent that women are more likely to forgive their men for cheating, than men are willing to forgive their women for cheating.
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