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Without you receiving there can be no flow: an invitation

Posted Aug 11 2011 10:05pm

This blog post wasn’t planned. It kind of wrote itself. It was like being taken by a wave. The invitation I mention above is at the very end of it. I hope you care to read the post first. This is probably one of the most important messages in this blog ever.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day doing something that I didn’t plan to. It took my attention from just about everything else . Sorry if you’re one of those people who had to wait for my response a bit longer than usual. Anyhow, while I was dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s (for now) I heard Clay Collins , who has just been on his yearly vision quest and came back with a very strong message that relates to something that has been on my mind a lot as well

As much as we all love to give, some of the most important aspects of opening to flow and joy is opening to receive.

Deeper than most people imagine. Deeper than I have imagined.  I’ve seen it with my own inner work, I’m seeing it with my work with all of my clients.

Because it gives you something specific to work with. Which is, after all, a bit easier than just working with this blurred feeling, this crucial yet invisible blockage on the receiving end of your flow, this experience of being “stuck” without being able to say what exactly prevents you from flowing with joy and energy as you know you could.

[Did I just say on the receiving end of the flow? It sounds silly--  flow has no end! But you know what I mean... ]

Anyhow, whether you experience your finances just slightly not-so-great or really challenging:

If you want to experience more freedom, more flow, more joy, more you! in this life, it really is.

Notice that this is said by someone who has tried to avoid the money subject for as long as I possibly could. Because my life has never been about money. And it was nice to imagine that as a spiritual person I was above it. Well, I’m avoiding it no more. On the contrary:

I’m addressing the flow aspect of money with the same excitement as I have been addressing flow in creativity, in the body, in emotions…

It’s just as challenging, just as meaningful, just as necessary, just as beautiful.  Just as spiritual! And it is all inter-connected.

Which brings me back to:

I’ve been rewriting most of the Flow~Integration program, giving it a specific focus on just that: Transforming your relationship with money. So that you can enjoy more of the flow that is your nature. Receive more. And share more of your gifts from there.

Because I know how your heart longs to do that, how you can almost sense something new wanting to enter your life. And yet you’re somehow not able to receive it. You’re somehow not ready to receive this new you, and this old you.

And that is, in essence, what Flow~Integration is all about! It’s about you finally receiving you – all of you! And from there, receiving more of the gifts that this world has to give you.

I am here, waiting for you, open to receive YOU. So that you can learn how to receive yourself again. Everything that you are. And receive the gifts that are your birthright, even if you don’t know what they are yet.

Come in and let’s get you out of your way and, in a manner of speaking, into your arms, and other people’s arms.

You are not supposed to always do it alone. That’s why there are other people in the world. People that you can receive from and share with and give to.


Welcome to the Flow~Integration Group

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