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Why You Can't Get a Date (And What to Do About It)

Posted Jul 02 2013 6:48pm
Can’t get a date? Some guys seem to have all the luck when it comes to meeting and dating women. So how come you’re always striking but and sitting home on Saturday nights?

Why You Can’t Get a Date

Here are the top 5 reasons you can’t get a date:

You Lack Confidence

The number one reason you’re striking out with women is your lack of confidence. Ever wonder why good-looking and wealthy men get all the girls? It may seem obvious; they’re good-looking and wealthy!

Actually, that’s only half of it. A handsome, rich man only turns heads because he has no reason not to be confident, not to expect to catch her interest. He’s got nothing to lose and he knows it.

If you have confidence, you have everything. A confident man stands with his head high and his shoulders back. When he walks into a room, he does it with a relaxed air. He’s not in a hurry but he knows what he wants. Around his comrades, he’s chummy and relaxed. Around her, he’s warm, gentle, and in control.

You Overreact

Women can smell a desperate man a mile away. If you’re always striking out, it might be because you’re jumping the gun. Just because she throws a glance your way doesn’t mean you should trip over yourself to run over to get her number.

You Look Horrible

Do you still walk around in T-shirts holier than a church picnic and sweatpants with grease stains on them? That’s why you’re striking out with women. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable but when you don’t show any interest in how you look when you leave the house, she’s not going to be interested.

The same goes for your beard, your hair, and your fingernails. You don’t have to look like you just walked off a GQ fashion shoot but you’ve got to trim up and keep clean.

You Smell

Do you bathe in excessive amounts of body spray or cologne? That’s not going to make her interested; it’s going to make her sneeze. You’d be amazed how many guys load up on the cologne and can’t get a date because nobody can breathe around them. Dial it back a little.

You’re a Jerk

There’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky. If you start treating women like dirt, you’re not going to get anywhere with them. Sure, women are attracted to the “bad boy” image for a while but it’s not the type of guy she settles down with.

You won’t even be the type of guy she goes home with if you talk about yourself incessantly, use clichéd pick-up lines, and stay glued to your cell phone during the date.

Stop Striking Out with Women

Get Confident

Confident guys don’t have problems striking out with women. If you don’t have the best self-esteem, you’re not alone. Continued rejection from women can make it hard to feel good about yourself. Grab a pen and paper right now and write down your good qualities. It may seem weird but just try it. The more you focus on the things you like about yourself, the more others will too.

Cool Down

When you see an attractive woman you’d like to get to know better, play it cool. Make eye contact, smile, then look away. Do something else. Get a drink at the bar, talk to your friends. Then look back. If she’s still interested, she’ll let you know. Don’t act eager. She likes a little mystery, a little suspense. After all, it’s in all those popular books she’s been reading lately!

Spruce Up

If you’re not happy about the way your body looks, hit the gym. Seriously. If you’re not as healthy and fit as you could be, you’ll know it, she’ll know it, and she won’t be interested. Get a few new clothes too. Take your sister or your cousin along with you if you don’t trust your own fashion sense. Just get out of those sweats.

Get a Hobby

A man who is so desperate to get a girlfriend that he thinks of nothing else is going to be alone for a while. Stop procrastinating right now and get those projects you’ve been overlooking done. Do something that makes you happy, calm, and relaxed. When you focus on getting your own business together, you’ll naturally feel more confident and like you have something to offer a partner.

Get Over Yourself

You’re not God’s gift to the world and you’re not a bridge troll either. You’re somewhere in between with your own unique talents and gifts to offer the world. Be confident but don’t overdue it. The minute you start getting egotistical is the minute you’ll lose her interest. Listen, be helpful, be available, and turn off your cell phone on dates.

You don't have to keep striking out with women. Just because you can't get a date now doesn't mean you won't be able to. Get confident, back off, and be the kind of guy she's looking for. For a little extra help, try  pheromone cologne. It turns women on a subtle yet powerful level so you can up your game fast!


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