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Why does a guy feel hurt when a woman tells him he's NICE GUY/ GOOD FRIEND (9 reads)

Posted May 25 2009 11:41pm


It tells him he' s not good enough. That he is inferior for reasons he nor she can explain. Even if the guy trains himself not to be bothered by such words it still can cause anger. Would you tell a guy he' s perfect, but his penis is too small? Saying he' s a nice guy is the same thing. It' s all underhanded compliments. Hell, I' ve had strippers say I was a nice guy and refuse to dance for me or take my money. Something that should be a guaranteed is denied because of my former "Nice guy/ good friend" status. Women think it is being nice or helping the guy out, but it makes things worse. If a man takes out a woman and spends all kinds of time with her and dates, but it ends with her saying "nice guy" then it was all a waste of time. A woman can think it' s good to tell a man is good and nice, but in reality it just means your not and never will be attracted to him. The anger usually comes later when he sees that same woman in an abusive relationship with a man who did everything she said she hated in a man. It' s better for a woman to say nothing then to say "Your a nice guy/good friend"

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