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Why do i feel happy one second then down the next

Posted by charli

I am in a relationship with a man who has a daughter aged 5. When we first got together everything was great, i had known him a few years before we started dating. His daughter and i get along great too and i recently moved in with them.

I really felt i loved him and now i feel unsure as i do not feel as attracted to him as i did from the start. Even though i feel this way, i dont feel the need to leave, he does make me happy and he treats me right. In the past i have had relationships where one minute i really like them, then over a day or two i just lose all attraction in them, i dont understand why as they dont do anything to put me off.

Its not just that i feel ive lost attraction to my partner, i also get over emotional when we argue, even if its over the smallest things, its always been that way in relationships for me.

Since my last relationship which was with a man who i truly loved, he was infact my first real love... ive lost the desire to have sex. it started when i was with my ex, but only when i had lived with him for a while and the relationship was near the end.

I used to have such a healthy sexual appetite and now i feel there is nothing there at all.

I also find myself feeling aggitated everyday. I am an over emotional person in general but it really hits a high when im in relationships. I feel like there is something wrong with me, i tell people this and they laugh at me and say im being silly. There are so many reasons why i feel like this.

When i try explain what i mean it comes out as something completely different and i end up offending people.  I always do things without thinking.When people try tell me how to do something that i already know to do i get really defensive and feel like people think im uncapable. I could go on.

 Please help me !!!!

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