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Why are so many guys overly sensitive to female rejection? 137

Posted Oct 19 2009 10:03pm
Salvador Escobar opinion
"Why are so many guys too sensitive to female rejection?"

The answer to this has more than one layer:

1) Rejection itself. This is the most obvious variable. People make themselves vulnerable when approaching someone romantically or sexually. Getting shot down isn' t comfortable and that goes for either sex. While it' s true that "no" isn' t the end of the world, not everyone handles it well. People with esteem issues or other types of dysfunction come away the worse from being rejected.

2) The means of rejection. This layer isn' t quite as obvious but it could be more impactful. Men are typically subjected to "tests" from women when it comes to dating. The idea behind "tests" is to screen out men who are out only for sex or who aren' t a fit. While sound in intent, women defeat themselves because they use emotion or attraction rather than reason. A test is structured in the confines of logic in mind and women are fish out of water in that regard since they behave opposite of logic, common sense, etc. as a rule of thumb. To further compound things, women almost always fuck, date, & marry the opposite of who they say they want in the first place. "Tests" are also further flawed as they tend to give women a false sense of entitlement in terms of behaving unethically. Women will date men that they' ve no interest in and will partake of the dinners, movies, gifts, favors, etc. all the while knowing that the man in question is interested in them in a nonplatonic way. They' ll keep up the pretense that things may pop off by saying they' re being "polite" or "friendly" when it' s clearly the opposite. Women will voice their noninterest when things have run their course and the said man has basically been ice skating uphill.

It' s true that you can' t choose what attracts you, but it' s also true that you can choose to act on it and that you can choose your behavior. If a woman isn' t interested, then the ethical thing to do is to say so and not accept gifts, dates, favors, etc.
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