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Whats a man to do?

Posted by Atlanta Guy

Hi.  My wife likes sex and does reach her climax most of the time however she does not like me kissing her neck or touching any of her body part, even light kissing.   Plus she does not touch my penis, except when inserting in her.  She  is 40 not on birthcontrol nor has she ever been abused and shes not depressed.  We get along great, we always have fun and laugh.  We have conservative sex 4 or 5 times a month but again, she does not like me to touching her.   I am really frustrated and would like to know what I can do!
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Talk to the wife give her a massage. books and videos avail online or local library the human creature loves to be touched but trust is important maybe she needs to know howyou feel but be prepared maybe you need to touch is a deal breaker....I hope not but if it is for her will it be for you? I mean are you both willing to break up over the touch issue? or will there be a reasonable solution you both can find joy?
Initially show your love through hug and care. Once she get used to it, then you can slowly seduce while touching her. It's your duty to make her comfortable. Not all 5 fingers are same.
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