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What To Do When Your Online Dating Profile Is Not Working

Posted May 12 2009 3:45pm

When you aren’t getting the results you want from your online dating profile, there are several things you can do to spruce up your existing profile and motivate “potentials” to contact you.

Profile makeover tip #1 - Use spell check
Simple things like proper spelling, complete sentences, and correct grammar can make a big difference. I know this sounds like something your 10th grade English teacher would tell you, but even eHarmony’s advice blog goes on and on about proper spelling. If the online dating site you use doesn’t have a spell checker, copy the text into a word document and use the spell checker there.

Profile makeover tip #2 - Think neat and tidy
Create an online dating profile that is visually inviting. Don’t use all caps, don’t use crazy fonts and font sizes (if your dating site will even let you), and keep your sentences and paragraphs a nice short length. You need to post several nice and friendly pictures of yourself too. You wouldn’t show up on a date without ironing your shirt and shaving, so why wouldn’t you take the time to make sure your online profile looks good too?

Profile makeover tip #3 -An inverted pyramid
Journalists are trained to write their stories so the most important facts are first and the least important facts are last. Do the same in your profile. Start off in a punchy way that grabs your reader’s attention. And end your profile with a call to action. Ask your potentials to wink or invite them to ask you about your latest joke … whatever it takes to motivate him or her to act.

Profile makeover tip #4 - Change your photo
This is one I’ve said many times, but it still holds true. Every now and again add a new picture and change your main photo (if you have that option). Include one head shot, at least one photo where you are smiling and are not wearing sunglasses, and one photo where you out and about doing what you enjoy.

Profile makeover tip #5 - Try out a new dating site
Sometimes it’s not your profile that’s the problem; sometimes it’s the dating site. Maybe the site you are on doesn’t attract the kind of people you like. Maybe the site just doesn’t have many singles from your town. Whatever the case, it doesn’t hurt to try a 7-day free trial from Yahoo! or a 3-day free trial from Match. You aren’t committed to buy and you might realize that the problem wasn’t you…it was them.

Profile makeover tip #6 - Hire a professional
You can always have your profile professionally written too. Take the Dating Tales 5-minute online dating questionnaire and for only $29 you could have a brand new profile that actually works.

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