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what's wrong with me? brown vaginal discharge...

Posted by rachelynn

hi i was wondering about brown vaginal discharge accompanied by pain that comes and goes in my ovaries and kidneys. i sometimes have nausea, headaches, low fevers, and a little bit of vaginal itching but it all comes and goes. i took a HPT and got a negative result, i do not have an STD (i have only had sex with my fiance and he and i were both virgins- never cheated on one another), and i don't think i have POSD. i have also had pain during intercourse. i just need some advice because i haven't been able to see a doctor yet. any ideas what it might be?
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 hi!!! After reading your comment it gives me a little bit of hope. Everything your experiencing is what im going through. i dont have insurance so i have not seen a doctor yet either. The pains i have been having in my ovaries come and go. The pain started a week before my period, the brown discharge came a 2 days before my period. i dont have any stds. I have been with my fiance for 3 years!! Although i didnt loose my virginity to him, i have never slept around. Im worried that somethings wrong with me. i havent had sex in a week because i dnt want to make it worse. My friends n my mom says its just probably just my period. If anyone has any advice and thoughts plz let me kno. Im worried that it might be something serious.
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