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What Every Woman Wants

Posted Jul 10 2008 4:11pm
What does every woman want? I normally write about a wide-variety of subjects, but tonight this one is really on my heart. Here's what I think every woman wants.

A woman wants a man to listen to her. I mean REALLY listen. Not look around and watch T.V., but listen. She also wants someone she can talk to without him flying off at the handle over every little thing. She wants someone who is patient, firm, and fair with the children, but not abusive or loud.

Every woman wants to be appreciated, respected, and just simply feel that she is something "special." She wants to be accepted for who she is and she doesn't want you to try and change her all the time.

Every woman wants a spiritual leader. This one we men need to work on big time. A woman wants you to take the family to church, to take charge when it comes to prayer, Bible reading, and spiritual matters. A woman wants you to sing, as the scripture says, to continuously encourage one another with psalms,hymns, spiritual songs, and constant awareness of Christ and his presence as Head of the Household.

Every woman wants positive words. I've noticed that my wife brightens up the moment I release a word like: "You sure look pretty today, or wow, you are something special, you look like the queen of England" just to name a few precious statements.

Every woman wants you to stay away from negativity. Give her love, love, love, all day long. Every woman wants you to eat your negative words and release the positive ones. Every woman wants you to treat her as you would want to be treated. Those men out there who are bossing their wives and being too macho, take notice, you are only pushing her further away, not closer to you.

I heard a story recently from a friend who told me about this guy Tony who started making more money and went to the top of his company, only to spend less and less time with his family-true story. Someone here locally with a brand new wonderful home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA near the Victoria Gardens mall. The wife told him "You better start spending more time with me, or else."

Long story short, the man came home one night only to find everything gone. I mean everything. Furniture, phone, you name it. He never saw his kids again and was left with nothing. He forgot to do what every woman wants: pay attention to warning signs.

Let's face it, as my pastor says, we are all "replaceable." None of us are all that and a bag of chips! We must guard our mouths. One of my prayers each day is: "Lord put a guard over my mouth and watch over the door of my lips." It is so important to watch our mouths with our beloved wife.

I believe that every woman wants a man who has vision. A man who will go forward to accomplish goals and dreams. Scripture says "without a vision, the people perish." Forgive me for not citing actual chapter and verse, but the words of our Lord are everlasting nonetheless! There are too many men out there who are satisfied with status quo, when God has promised us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

Every woman wants you to give your all. It's not enough for you to just do "whatever." Women want a visionary who will help the family achieve their every dream and goal. Some women seem to be satisfied with a man who works and brings home a paycheck, and is good to the family. That's fine too.

Every woman wants a working man. If you are self-employed, you must be making over $2500 a month or your just playing. If you are in a home business, that same number applies, again, or your just playing.

Men must work. No doubt about it. Every woman wants a working man. If your not working, no woman wants you. They may say they do, but deep down, they don't.

In conclusion though, every woman wants a MAN. This is someone who will love her, die for her, be playful, curious, and funny with her, make sure that she is taken care of, not speak negatively toward her ever, protect her, do everything that she likes, watch over her, keep her, be best friends with her, make date nights a priority, love the children, but not more than her, love Christ with all his heart, and not just be a Sunday Christian.

She also wants stability. Every woman wants stability financially, spiritually, and socially. She wants someone with dollars and sense, someone who will have knowledge in financial matters, not just pretend. Every woman wants someone who is stable. Don't expect to get an awesome wife if your not stable. Don't expect to get a decent woman if your not stable.

Stable means a lot of things, but every woman wants a MAN who has a good temper, a deep pocketbook and heart, a good name and reputation (single women take note of this list please), not someone who stirs up rumors or talks about people, someone who is kind, a man who is family orientated, a passionate man, a loving man, a man who is on fire for the Lord, not just on Sunday only, a man who would die for her.

Most of all though, every woman wants you to love her and place that love above everything else except God. Also, every woman wants a man who will continue to WORK at the relationship and not quit. By not quitting and working, you are telling her that you love her. Every woman also wants you to keep your word. That means fulfill your vows and do what you say you are going to do. And be there for her days of plenty and days of lack. That's what every woman truly wants.

And if I'm wrong, you can email me and let me know what every woman truly wants, that way I can continue to improve on this letter from my heart to yours.

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