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what can inner vaginal swelling mean, inside the hole beginning of the canal

Posted by punkerdoodle

I am 18 and i had  sex with my boyfriend but the condom broke which resulted in me taking the morning after pill (plan b) but now (two days after) i have been swelling with no pain or bleeding or any discumfort, could i be pregnant? what does this mean? is it just a side effect?
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The swelling you are referring to has nothing to do with pregnancy. First, signs of pregnancy do not show that quickly. Second, it is highly unlikely, though not impossible that you have become pregnant in spite of taking the morning after pill. Efficacy of morning after pills ranges from approximately 75% to 90% depending upon the formula and timing in relation to the woman’s menstrual cycle. Here is a website with more information about that.


Google Search for “morning after pill”


Wikipeida on Morning After Pill



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thank you so much. what do you think the swelling could be from then?
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