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What can I do to physically feminize my husband? This is what he wants.

Posted by Erica4U

My husband of 23 years has been talking with me for over 2 years about wanting to be totally feminized. I looked into it on the internet and realize that "Hormones" can be dangerous to him! I also looked into "natural" methods such as herbal formulas! he insists they will not work the same! Creams and suction as well! he wants "Real" not implanted breasts as well as his hips, buttocks to be feminized. He then wants to seek Feminine Facial Surgery in San Francisco! he has the money and the desire and I love him very much! I agreed to have him seek his passion of what he says has been a lifetime desire! It honestly does not upset or bother me! I just want him to have the safest and best results! He has seen a psychologist and apparently he must live and act as a woman for at least one year to see if he can mentally take the challenge! he knows he can and will not wait to get a permission from the psychologist to the endocrinologist! My concern is that he will take a flight to another country to get medical hormones! Without a doctors supervision, I'm afraid he will harm himself! he says he won't on a "Estrogen patch." What advise can you extend?
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Email me I specialize in feminizing men for the fun of it - the strongest herbs that are natural for feminization are pueraria mirifica - it has to come from Thailand to be useful!  My email address is  I have done this to many many men with amazing results!  I do not charge anything I just take pleasure in irradication mens manhood and giving them soft fem bodies with perky breasts and bubble butts.

 Mistress Ranya

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