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What can I do to get better erections?

Posted by serenity

i'm 24 and my wife isn't happy.neither am I? I am on no medication at the moment.

I don't want to take viagra or anything like that as I fear I'm too young for such drugs.

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Assuming you are without medical complications, not taking any prescription drugs, not drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, not smoking large quantities of nicotine, not obese, and that you are getting moderate amounts of physical exercise, then almost certainly your problem is performance anxiety. This is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, the inability to get and keep erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, and premature ejaculation (coming quickly before you or your lover are ready for it).


You are trying too hard and have become goal oriented in your lovemaking, a common trap many lovers fall into. The goal orientation to lovemaking means you are trying to get to orgasm. Some couples make it that they try to get to orgasm at the same instant so they come together. This is understandable, but most unfortunate because to get to the goal of orgasm requires a performance, e.g., the man must have an erection and keep it long enough to reach the goal. The anxiety men suffer worrying about this can easily cause them to remain soft rather than hard.


The solution to this is to reframe your lovemaking so that it become all about pleasure in the immediate moment. The only thing you are doing is giving and receiving pleasure. Open fully to experience the extraordinary pleasure you can receive through your 5 senses of taste, touch, hear, see and smell. In this approach there is no goal, nowhere to get to, no desired outcome (for example, you are not trying to get to orgasm). You stop trying to get to orgasm and let orgasm take care of itself, which it will do. Orgasm will then become a natural organic response that any healthy body has once your arousal and pleasure threshold is reached.


Thinking is the enemy of ecstasy.


Stop thinking about sex, stop thinking about what outcome you want to make happen, stop thinking about erection, stop thinking about coming (yours), stop thinking about orgasm (hers), stop thinking about whether you are a good enough lover or not, stop thinking about whether there is something wrong with you.


Instead, start feeling the sensations of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling. Take in the sensory information (information you get through your senses, not through thinking), and most importantly, don’t give a name to what you experience. For example, “that is his tongue licking my clitoris.” Just feel his tongue licking your clitoris. Just take in the direct sensory information without naming it or thinking about it. This will take you out of your head thinking and into your body feeling sensations.


Take much longer in your lovemaking, with most of the added time in foreplay (before sexual intercourse) and afterplay (after sexual intercourse). Particularly for the female, what happens before and after intercourse is at least as important, and often more important than what happens during sexual intercourse. Have a long slowwwwwwww buildup, and a long slowwwwwwww wind down. Your lovemaking should be lasting hours, not just minutes, at least some of the time. If all you have is quick sex taking 5-30 minutes from start to finish, that alone could explain why you are not having orgasms.


With this approach most men find they naturally get and stay erect. Even much older men in their 70s or 90s can get and stay erect this way, without the aid of drugs like Viagra.


Al Link and Pala Copeland

Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership




Thank you for the insightful advise.

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