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What Are the Best Oral Sex Techniques?

Posted Jan 17 2011 12:16pm

When it comes to good oral sex techniques it's all about getting the basics down and then using your imagination to explore your man's body and it's limits. Each and every man is different so it's important to find out just how your guy likes it and go with it.

What are the basics of good oral sex techniques?  The first thing to get straight is that no man likes having his penis gorged on by a mouth full of sharp teeth.  You might not realize it, but a man's penis is very sensitive to anything which it senses might be a threat.  One of the those things that it's afraid of is sharp teeth.

You've got to get your blow job techniques down so well that you can bounce up and down on the that cock without so much as nicking it once with your teeth.

How do you do that?  Try this, fold your lips down and over your teeth.  See.  Now you've got it.  It's like you're all gums.  Perfect.  This is especially helpful with a penis of large girth.  The other thing to do is use your tongue to block off your bottom row of teeth as well.

Using your tongue to stroke, massage, and lick the under shaft of the penis is paramount to your success as an oral lover.  This is the area of the penis that is most involved with pleasure and ejaculation, or if you like it, it's where most of the nerve endings are, here and in the tip of the penis.

Pay extra special attention to these two zones and you'll be pleasing guys every single time you blow.  They'll be utterly floored by your incredible mind bending technique.

Getting a guy to come is all about stroking his cock with a good healthy speed, enough to get his heart racing.  Also, it doesn't hurt to pop his head in and out of your throat.  This is what's called deep throating.

Don't expect to get this technique down right away, it's tricky.  Practice with a soft peeled banana, gently ease it in, and train your throat muscles not to gag and clinch down.  With practice you can retrain your throat muscles entirely, so cool.

Massaging a man's balls and the area just beneath his balls will set up apart from all the other girls that are awful at giving good oral.  This gets a guy harder and gives him immense pleasure, it also speeds up the ejaculation process.  Use and practice all of these techniques.


If you girls really want to learn how to give a blow job I recommend you readJacks Blowjob Lessons,  an incredibly direct, step by step guide on giving a perfect blow job to your man.

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