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What are some home treatments for inclusion cysts?

Posted by MsE

I have inclusion cysts that are located on my labia. They are of no consequence, I have had them for many years and have never had an infection or problem. My doctor once told me that sitz bath would help to shrink them. I did do that and it does help. However, I haven't done them in a long time. I was with the same partner for 9 years, he knew all about them so I didn't bother with any treatments. We are no longer together and I am dating someone else. We are planning a romantic Valentines Day weekend and now I am bothered about the appearance of these cysts. They do not bother me physically but cosmetically the are hideous. Can you recommend any other home treatments I can try to help to eliminate/significantly shrink them? I am really not too interested in having them drained or any other procedure that requires a doctors visit. Also, I am hoping to see improvement before Feb. 14...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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