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Weak sex. I cannot have sex more than 5 minutes...

Posted Sep 04 2008 1:59am
There are several ways to help you, Amin :
1. Using " vaginal lubricant" (in pharmacies or drug stores). This helps to reduce rubbing and to last longer.
2. Having sex much more often to 'calm' your desire a little.
3. Preparing your partner, during 15 to 20 minutes (!) before the penetration itself.
This is very efficient because, with your kisses, your caresses, your gentle and tender words, your partner becomes much more aroused (and... " wet"); she even can climax before the intercourse, - and thus understand that you actually are a good, attentive and experienced lover.
4. Another efficient mean to 'last' is to show some will : each time you are feeling that your climax is very near, you move back (out of her) and stop any movement for one or two minutes. When your arousal decreases, you return in her.
Try to combine these 4 points, Amin, and I'm sure you'll find improvement.
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