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Visualization I was writing up s...

Posted Sep 29 2008 10:07pm


I was writing up some of the notes on visualization for the seminar on Saturday and realized I haven’t talked about it that much on the blog.

Talking to yourself EVERY DAY in terms of affirmations and positive self-talk is very very important. You need to constantly be coaching yourself and validating yourself and constantly checking that you are giving yourself credit and honoring your good qualities.

Another important component is visualization. It’s important to take time each day and visualize the changes you want to see in your life.

Visualize yourself meeting your goals, becoming the person you want to be. Whether it’s walking into a room with confidence or speaking in front of a group or going back to school or going to the gym…..whatever it is…spend some time each and every day visualizing what you want. See yourself, in your mind’s eye…what you want to be and how you want to be.

Take some time each day either in the morning or at night or take some time during the day to be quiet and to sit and visualize your changes and your new self. Figure out one or two things you really want to see yourself doing and spend time for at least 30 days seeing yourself doing those things…

You need to visualize yourself achieving your goals and your plans for your new life. You need to spend time each day visualizing your goals coming true and examining your short-term goals to see if you are on your way to getting there.

If you are having trouble with your goals, journal about that. What messages from outsiders or internally are holding you back? What is it in your Life Inventory that is pointing to the people who told you that you’re not good enough that you can’t do it. Ignore those messages and get to work on the goals. Is it some message you are giving yourself that is holding you back? Are you being held back by your own self-doubt? What is going on? Journal about it and figure it out.

Don’t let anything keep you from achieving what you know you can achieve.

Take some time to figure out what things are important. Affirm those things to yourself but spend time each and every day visualizing yourself doing it. Sometimes it helps to put on meditaton music and lay on the bed and close your eyes and really concentrate on it but after a while you should be able to see it without much effort.

In the beginning be sure to write about it and to spend time, real time, each day visualizing your new life.

NOTE TO COMMENT FROM SERENITY: It’s both!!! When you set goals you need to affirm and visualize. When you affirm you also need to visualize!
And you need to have goal-oriented affirmations so it all works together!


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