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Venus, Val Kilmer and a scene from Brave Heart

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:11am
It is Friday.

A special day in itself, at least that’s my opinion-

It is the ending of a work week and the start of celebration and relaxation for most.

It has been an intense full moon as well-

Tonight the moon is aligned with the planet Venus; the Goddess of love.

I am a cancer. I am ruled by the moon (and tequila evidently).

If I had a man, I would be capitalizing on this full moon energy tonight. And you know what? Even though I am single, I am going to soak in it anyway and romance myself.

I can always tell when it is a full moon. It is especially evident in my dreams. I am a dreamer as it is; a lucid dreamer that is. So is my father and so was his father. It runs in our family and I tend to think our Cherokee heritage.

Needless to say I had some crazy dreams last night. One of them being I was on a boat dock and there was a boat that I had one leg on the back of, while I had the other leg on the dock. The boat was moving forward, so I was basically doing a split. Oh, and did I mention Val Kilmer was the one on the boat? Random, I know.

Anyway… as I began to be split in two I very calmly asked Val Kilmer if he wouldn’t mind backing the boat up a little bit so I wasn’t being stretched like Mel Gibson in Brave Heart. When I woke up I thought it was interesting how I was resisting getting on the boat. I could have easily just let go and taken my leg off the dock and just climbed aboard. Instead I was hanging on to a moving boat, that was going forward, all the while refusing to take my foot from what was behind me and in the durum I was being stretched like a yoga instructor.

I think the interpretation of that dream is more than obvious. At least it is to me.

After that dream I floated into a scenario with my best friend from high school. She was asking me, “Haven’t you ever just gone out on a date to have fun and not get involved with the person?” I told her, “Almost every date I have been on has turned into a 2 ½ year date.”

This is true, being this year is the first year I have tried my attempt at casual. But I feel like I am trying to put my size seven shoe in a size five and walk around with a smile on my face. In other words, it doesn’t feel like a fit to me and it is a bit uncomfortable.

But I guess maybe my dream was that part of me that just wants to lighten up a bit and have some fun.

So tonight, I am going to soak in the Goddess of love.

I am going to do all the things I would do for my man- I would say to my man but that wouldn’t quite work solo…

I think one of the biggest passion extinguishers is routine. You have to do things completely different sometimes in order to get new energy moving into stagnant places.

I will use my imagination here.

If I were dating someone or in a relationship, the first thing I would do is buy something new and sexy. I don’t care if it is a simple pair of panties. New equals exciting- and anticipation of that newness being discovered and noticed.

In fact, I might just leave panties out of the equation all together. And like a skilled seductress, find the apropos time to whisper that little revelation in my lover’s ear. Probably on the way to the restroom or something as to give it time to sink in and give him time to revel in the visualization.

Next, whatever my routine was, I would do the opposite. If my man and I usually ate at home, I would make reservations somewhere. If I didn’t want to spend the money or things were tight on that end I would find a cool place to go to for one glass of wine. There is no greater aphrodisiac than going out to a place and looking around and genuinely feeling no one in the room compares to your man. It helps to remind you of what you are blessed to taste every day and helps you to see your lover through fresh eyes instead of the eyes that somehow never see detail anymore. If we usually go out, I would prepare the most delicious, romantic meal I know. If I couldn’t cook, I would order in the most delicious, romantic meal known.

If we spend a majority of our time together I might suggest that he meet his friends out and I will meet mine and we will come together later in the evening- no pun intended. That would guarantee a climax to the excitement of seeing each other- especially if I let him in on the absence of under garments...

Next, I would check in with myself on a regular basis to ensure I was completely in the moment. You want ecstasy in an everyday moment? Make sure all six of your senses are present and you will feel like every inch of you has been heightened.

I am already a very passionate and affectionate person, but I would definitely make sure my man understood in every way possible how mad I am about him; through my eyes, through my voice, through my touch, through my attentiveness and attention.

It is all about appreciation and adoration.

One of the things I have come to find in my own path of passion and romance is it is equally as satisfying to be the one doing the turning on rather than the one being turned on. Actually, there is no way to be turning someone else on and not get turned on yourself- just a thought.

Next, I would… well now we are getting into the part of the night that is for my eyes only.

Take the opportunity tonight on this night of Venus, to tune into the passionate lover inside and make a magical night for yourself; whether you are single or in love.

What do you have to lose?

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