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Varietal Orgasms II

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:15pm
While writing the post about Amrita, I went back and reread a post I had done on the types of orgasms I experience in my body. I talk about Oozies there. All this time I have been thinking that post was complete and that I had talked about Volcanoes, Rolling Oozies, G Spot orgasms and other orgasmic experiences so have been referencing them. I had written about all of them but forgot that most of the post got deleted when I did a spell check. Perimenopausal Brain Fart? Half-heimers? Probably both.


These orgasms start in my clit. The energy builds there before the orgasm, and it feels full and swollen, with a rousting of fire energy. I can feel Volcanoes start very mutedly, building in waves and intensity. Before I am in its full climaxing intensity, I can feel heat radiating out my pelvic/lower belly area. When the orgasm is about to release, strong feelings of fire localize in the clit, then go up my spine, out the top of my head, arms and legs. My uterus contracts rhthmically. After the first strong fire shoots, there are other ones that go in waves over and out my body. They eventually die down.

These have shifted in me over time. When I was younger, they were the ones I was most aware of. I don’t seem to have as many of these as I used to, and for awhile they actually went dormant. At a different time, the contracting went into my heart instead of my uterus. Then the New Orgasm started and continues to shift. I still feel this contracting and vibrating more in my head, and it has become the dominant way my body has been doing the Volcanoes. But beginning about a month ago, the original form of volcanoes described above have come back more.

Deep or G-Spot Orgasms

These generally happen when I am on top and my Lover’s cock hits my G-Spot in a certain way. The feelings start deep in my vagina, and go downward and out my legs more before traveling up. The sensation remains deep in my body and my whole inner body convulses. I don’t have these as often as Oozies or Volcanoes.

Rolling Oozies:

These are rare and usually happen during long love making sessions and after one or more Volcano orgasms, numerous Oozies and probably a G-Spot orgasm or two. I think that they are a G-Spot/Oozie combo that keeps going, sometimes for half an hour. What happens during these is that the intense deep combined with the rushing energy of the Oozie starts to just keep going through my body and doesn’t stop. The waves just keep going on and on building in intensity until they become almost constant. I generally scream lots during these as the energy is so strong and consistant and I feel as if I may blow up from it. My hands pulse, my legs pulse, my heart, everything has this continuous vibration combined with waving heights of strong Oozie-ing.

The Firefly

I get this one when I have deep meditation or when I have done lots of breathwork. They also came once when I had a high fever. That was an interesting experience….feeling like shit so wanting it to go away, but wanting to hold on to the sensations of the energy in my body. When I was sick, there was a whole “flock” of Fireflies in me. They went away about a half hour after I took some aspirin.

It is difficult to find the right words to define them exactly in the way that they feel. It feels as if I have little shooting stars of energy that kind of worm their way through my body. I distinguish these from Ozzies in that they are definite lines of energy that have a beginning and an end. Whereas with Oozies I feel all warm and melty, Fireflies catch my attention and are like whispering fingerprints of short lines of energy. The sensations are random. I will feel one in my arm that ripples or worms about six inches, then my belly for four inches, then across the back of my head, etc. I call them Fireflies because they remind me of points of light that shoot through me but have no rhyme or reason to them. They don’t start in any particular major energy center (or Chakra). Maybe they are associated with the Chinese Meridians of acupuncture (or nadis as they are called in Tantra). They have, in the past, been associated with a visual of little "orbs" shooting off my body in arcs. Yes, I saw that.

If anyone has any references of how people experience orgasmic energy in their body or is willing to share what they feel in their bodies, please comment or write me at The scientist in me wants to know. Thanks.
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