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Valentine’s Day Flowers Can Expose a Cheating Mate

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:07pm
Flowers sent or received on Valentine’s Day can give cheating Valentines of both sexes away.

A Tip for Men with Cheating Valentines

Flowers Sent to Her Job

Men, if your wife or girlfriend receives Valentine’s Day flowers from someone other than you, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you’re not her only Valentine -- especially if the flowers are sent to her workplace instead of her home.

Cliff’s Cheating Valentine Story

Cliff stopped by his wife Kate’s job to take her out for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner after work. While Cliff was waiting downstairs in the lobby for Kate to come down, two of Kate’s co-workers who knew him stopped to compliment him on the beautiful flowers he sent Kate for Valentine’s Day. One woman raved on and on about how she’d never seen such an unusual bouquet and asked Cliff which florist he used. When she saw the expression on Cliff’s face, she realized too late that she and her co-worker had made a terrible mistake. Cliff hadn’t sent Kate any flowers for Valentine’s Day. The flowers were from someone else.

Guys - if you suspect her of cheating (or even if you don’t), stop by your wife’s or girlfriend’s job the day after Valentine’s Day. Try to check out her desk or work station, if you can. If she received flowers from a secret lover, she can’t bring them home. So they’ll still be there the day after Valentine’s Day.

A Tip for Women with Cheating Valentines

The Love Note Attached to Your Flowers

Countless cheating husbands and cheating boyfriends have been exposed by the notes on the Valentine’s Day flowers they send.

Mix-ups with the love notes that accompany these flowers are one of the most common ways these Valentine’s Day cheaters get exposed.

If your name is Carla, and the note with your Valentine’s Day flowers says “ To Claire, with love” – if that’s not the name of one of his female relatives, he’s got some explaining to do.

Brianna’s Cheating Valentine Story

Brianna received a dozen long stemmed roses from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. But the note that accompanied the flowers read:

To my darling wife on Valentine’s Day,

You mean the world to me.

Words could never express the depth of my love for you.

Your loving and devoted husband,


Up to that point, Brianna had no idea that she’d been dating a married man.

Don’t Confront the Cheater Without Additional Proof

Don’t confront your cheating spouse or significant other solely on the basis of the “cheating Valentine signs” in the posts on this blog or the signs of infidelity in the article on my website entitled How to Catch a Cheater on Valentine’s Day .

To build an airtight case against the cheater, you need to have additional proof. Where there’s one sign of infidelity, there are always dozens of other corroborating signs just waiting to be found. Cheaters ALWAYS display multiple telltale signs. Knowing what to look for is the key. For starters, request the FREE infidelity tip sheet and the FREE infidelity report listed below.

FREE Infidelity Information

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An Infidelity Book to Help You Quickly Get Proof of a Cheating Mate

You would also do well to invest in a copy of Is He Cheating on You?” – 829 Telltale Signs . This book lists practically every known sign of infidelity, including the subtle signs people usually overlook. Despite the title, most of the signs in the book apply to cheating women, as well as cheating men. The infidelity information in this $29 book will serve you well for many years to come. Click here to order your copy now , or order from or the toll-free number 800-431-1579, or from

If you live outside the United States , it may be more convenient for you to order the downloadable e-book version of Is He Cheating on You?” – 829 Telltale Signs from

SPECIAL NOTE For Men with Cheating Wives or Girlfriends:

The e-book version of
Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs has a special 10-page section for men , entitled Is SHE Cheating?. You can order the e-book from

For more information about cheating Valentines, signs of infidelity, or the Valentine’s Day Infidelity Awareness Campaign , visit

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