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Valentine’s Day Signs of Infidelity that Tip You Off to a Workplace Affair

Posted Jul 28 2008 8:14pm

Workplace affairs are very common today. In fact, work is the #1 place for cheating spouses and significant others to find partners with whom to have an affair.

Cheating Valentines involved in workplace affairs usually plan things that can be done during working hours on Valentine’s Day. That way they avoid arousing suspicion by coming home late.

It could be anything from a long, leisurely lunch at a special restaurant, to a noontime tryst at a nearby hotel, or an afternoon lovers rendezvous.

Danielle’s Cheating Valentine Story

Danielle showed up at Grant’s job around lunchtime even though he’d already told her he had to work through his lunch hour and couldn’t get away. Danielle observed Grant and a female co-worker as they left the building with their arms around each other, and followed them on foot for 3 blocks. They were so engrossed in each other that Grant never even noticed Danielle until she approached them as they were about to enter a restaurant.

Telephone Tactics to Confirm a Workplace Affair

You don’t have to be as brazen as Danielle if you suspect a workplace affair. Try to confirm your suspicions by using one of the telephone tactics below on Valentine’s Day:

  • Call around mid-morning on Valentine’s Day and offer to meet him/her for lunch. Does he /she discourage you from coming or make an excuse for why he/she can’t get away?

  • Call just before lunchtime. Does he/she cut the conversation short, rush you off the phone, or seem a little to eager to get away?

  • Call after lunch. Did he/she return at the usual time? Or did he/she take an extended lunch, or take the whole afternoon off?

  • Call an hour or two before quitting time. Did he/she leave work early to spend an hour or two with his/her lover before coming home?

Fran’s Cheating Valentine Story

Fran called George’s job to have him pick up a bottle of wine on his way home for their Valentine’s dinner that night. George’s secretary told Fran George had just left and was on his way home for the romantic afternoon he’d planned for Valentine’s Day. She told Fran she was lucky to have such a romantic husband. George’s cover was blown when he failed to show up, and arrived home at his usual time from work.

Valentine's Week Business Trips

Be wary if your spouse or significant other has to take a business trip during Valentine’s Week. It could be legitimate. But it could also be an excuse to have an uninterrupted Valentine’s celebration with the Other Woman or the Other Man.

Aletha’s Cheating Valentine Story

Leon told his wife he had to go out of town on business in February. His business trip coincided with Valentine’s week. So Aletha persuaded her mother-in-law to keep the children so she could surprise Leon by showing up at his hotel so they could celebrate Valentine’s Day together . When Aletha knocked on the door of Leon’s hotel room, he opened the door expectantly, thinking it was the champagne he ordered from room service. Aletha could see past him into the room where a scantily-clad female workmate was lounging across the bed.

More Ways to Catch a Cheating Valentine

For more information on how to catch a cheating Valentine:

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