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Uterus Infection

Posted by MrsConfused101

What Is An Uterus Infection.?

Ive Been Having buring Sensations. Sincee The 3rd To Last Time Me And My Boyfriend Have Had Intercousre.

Andd It Burns When He Starts To Put It In. It Burns When He Takes It Out And It Also burn When He Stops. I Told Him It Burns When He Finger Me too. But I Always Thought It Was Just Having To Much Sex. With Him.

He Told Me I Have A Uterus Infection And I Cannot Have Any Children.

I Cannot Find I Website That Has The Sysptoms Of What It Is. Or A Websitee On What It Is Period. Cannn Someonee Please Help Me.

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Your boyfriend is right in that you probably do have an infection. But, it’s likely an infection in your vagina, not your uterus. There are quite a few types of vaginal infections. Lots of women get one or another of them at some time in their life. Most of these infections are easily treated and cleared up with anti-biotics or other medicines.  And, it is rare that such infections would lead to you not being able to have children.


The most important thing is that you go to a doctor or clinic to get an accurate diagnosis of precisely what type of infection you have.


Right away, you can try using a salt water douche to help ease the discomfort while you are waiting for your doctor appointment.


Here also some websites that you can refer to with more information on vaginal infections.


all good things,

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