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Use Your Hints, Be a Hero

Posted Jul 03 2008 4:12pm

Give gifts that your partner has indicated that s/he wants or needs instead of what you believe s/he wants or needs. You can give other gifts, too, but first paying attention to your partner avoids disappointment.

Some partners like to give each other hints about gifts they would like to receive. Others are very clear and forthright about asking for what they want. If you have not been paying attention to your partner’s communication, now is a good time start.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

Have a conversation about how each of you lets the other know what is special and meaningful for you. Is your partner’s method workable for you? If it isn’t, talk about what would work, and decide what to do differently.

This is an excerpt fromBeing Happy Together: How to Have a Fabulous Relationship With Your Life Partner in Less Than an Hour a Week, by Laurie Weiss, Ph.D. You can get more informationHERE.

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