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Posted by Russ

I am a 45 year old female and I have been experimenting with the idea of inserting a thin rod and of late have manage to insert a thick pencil into my urethra.I find this very stimulating and on occasions also orgasm.Are there any dangers and can you direct me to a website were l can view this practice .I have also insert the same into my cervix and would like to explore this more too,but need more information on the dangers and how to or preferably videos of such.

Regards  Russ.xxxx 

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Hi Russ, you are among the few and adventurous.   First, keep things clean.  At least swab whatever you are going to insert with alcohol, and use a little layer of triple antibiotic ointment along with lube.  Make sure the "invading" object is very smooth.  You can go on ebay and look for Heger Dilator/sounds.  They are a graduated set of smooth rods that will allow you to explore and gradually stretch the urethra.  Works for men and women.  Don't try to rush the process.  Gentle and slow is the most pleasurable.  Since the female prostate surrounds the urethra, and is the source of the clear slick fluid women who "squirt" produce, probing the urethra may help you to experience this sort of orgasm.  The "g" spot is felt by rubbing the upper wall of the vagina in the direction of the urethra.  With something inserted in the urethra, try gently stimulating the "g" spot.  Let me know how you are doing.
Hi mach8 , thanks for the info and advise. l am looking into purchasing a set of sounds and cant wait for them to arrive . Do you have any videos or sites that have videos of girls doing this., if so please send it to me ..chow for now
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