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Update: Site back online (yay!) and what happens next

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:26pm

As many of you will know, for the past ten days there have been some serious technical issues with the site which triggered a massive server error which also then brought down another site of mine. One of the main problems was the forum which I know that some readers of the site were using but between this and very long strings of comments on some posts (some users were posting several comments one after another on one post as opposed to putting one comment), combined with another couple of factors, the site went down due to massive loads on the server. In turn, the host curtailed the service to protect other sites on the server.

But today brings a new day and I have invested in a server which means no more share hosting. However, I won’t be putting a forum in place again for a number of reasons which are at the bottom of this post.

So what happens next?

Site template will be corrected today and updated. I had to change the template for the times when it has been up to save load time.
The backlog of posts that have been held back will start posting from today. To catch up, I will also post at weekends.
Look out for updates about the new ebooks coming out over the next few months.
I will be announcing:
1) Talks that I plan to do in the US (possibly some in the UK)
2) Teleclasses and support groups - you’ll be able to phone into certain classes and there will be support groups set up for issues like breaking up, struggling with no contact, and of course being the other woman.
4) Video and podcasting will be starting asap.
5) One to One consulting

Please note that due to the high volume of requests (I get hundreds of advice requests every month), it now takes a few weeks for me to get through these but if you then reply for more advice, you will go back into the queue. I want to help as many people as possible but it is becoming unmanageable so I will be taking measures to deal with this. More on that soon

Why isn’t the forum going back up?

1) I am just one person running this site and I can barely keep up with the volume of comments and the hundreds of email requests for advice, nevermind the forum.

2) Spam - Despite a number of requests, people did not sign up as members and insisted on using the guest feature which left the site open to spam and then I would get terse emails from users….

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