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Tweeting About Marriage Advice

Posted Nov 16 2008 5:19pm
  • Salespeople who aren’t aggressive are driving me crazy. Close the darn sale guys. C’mon. #
  • Catch the awesome @ marcwarnke on Blog Talk Radio today - then start a write in campaign to get me invited… #
  • interview with wife & I at @ simplemarriage
  • Interview w/ me & wife at Simple Marriage Project
  • @ dcmba well, it all starts with a squash and an internet connection. When Google sets up their E.V.I.L. Search, our client will take the squ in reply to dcmba#
  • How to turn on your wife
  • @ utkevdawg it’s not something that I could copyright, it’s just a deal similar to what we do, but outside of our normal parameters. in reply to UTKevDawg#
  • because I honestly don’t know. I gave them the opp, but they’re just sitting on it, not doing anything, and I don’t think they’re going to #
  • If your company refuses to follow a lucrative biz opp that you unearthed, is it unethical to pursue it yourself? #
  • @ kurokaze204 ….aaaand that’s the reason I work in sales, not in IT. I don’t see buttons on bottom left of screen telling me what to do. in reply to kurokaze204#
  • Trying to figure out how to unsubscribe from certain podcasts on iTunes. #
  • @ brudette I’d encourage you to stay strong on the media fast, but then you wouldn’t be using Twitter…. in reply to Brudette#
  • @ gwalter yup. give Akismet a day or two and they’ll catch ‘em. in reply to gwalter#
  • @ thedailyblonde Sprint’s got a version of the Google phone (the G1) that was due December, but was pushed back to 2009. in reply to TheDailyBlonde#
  • @ thedailyblonde Speaking of heat, I was wondering when Sprint is going to release their version of the Android. (I know - not related at all in reply to TheDailyBlonde#
  • Are working women less feminine?
  • RT: @ Akula DNC is asking me for $30 because Obama won. I should feel OK about it because they would have wanted $150 had he lost. #
  • Twitterank doesn’t work for me. Stupid fail whale. #
  • @ backpackingdad Gotta go with Ratt for the guitar, Skid Row for the sheer mendacity of their song titles. #
  • @ backpackingdad Who’s better: Warrant, Ratt, or Skid Row? #
  • In the process of looking for some really cool handmade/homemade card & certificate artists. #
  • Anyone know anyone that has successfully turned their blog into an ecommerce site using a WP shopping cart? I’m stumped. #
  • RT: @ ihenpecked I just want to hear Obama tell Bush: “Get the @#$$@ out of my White House.” #
  • @ utkevdawg Mormons have been baptizing on behalf of deceased persons for years. Don’t think that’s a new concern. #
  • @ xolotl Sexual orientation discrimination is the reason I’ve been in such a tizzy the last few days. How do we reconcile? It’s tough. #
  • A friend of mine has been ostracized at work just for being a member of the church - she doesn’t even live in CA, and didn’t vote on # prop8#
  • It’s weird to me how much of the passage of Prop 8 is getting pinned on Mormons. It’s not like we were the only ones involved. #
  • Huffington post attacks Mormons for their involvement in Prop 8. Why the Mormons? There were Catholics, Blacks, Hispanics… #
  • Hrm…how do you peacefully reconcile Christians and gays? How can they live together in harmony? # Prop8#
  • New Post: Gay Liberal and Conservative Christian Marriage:
    37 states in the USA have some ..
  • @ MichaelsDaddy NP. Didn’t take offense. Prop 8 is a big button issue. I spent a long time considering whether to tackle it. #
  • @ michaelsdaddy Discussion on Prop 8 on my site is much better than elsewhere. Some sites it gets really bad. #
  • @ skydiver where do we send urgent queries to? #
  • Discussion on the continued support of Proposition 8
  • Stupid Linux OS won’t work with Hallmark e-Cards. Lame. #
  • @ nunoxeo No Godaddy issues here #
  • New Post: Proposition 8: A Poll: I support Proposition 8 and traditional definitions of mar..

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