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Tribestan Review: Does It Work?

Posted Mar 21 2013 9:18am

Tribestan Overview:

Tribestan is an entirely organic non-hormonal herb, bio-stimulator made from the plant Tribulus terrestris, from Bulgaria also known as Puncture Vine. It consist mainly saponins of furostanol kind, with prevalent amount of protodioscin. Over two decades of exposure to natural herb. Tribestan increases the levels of testosterone in the body. This formula is not similar to unnatural testosterone wherein the body does respond by stopping down its testosterone generation because of an unknown resource. Sopharma is a pharmaceutical company, who manufactures Tribestan. Sopharma formulated the extract protodiosin and protogracillin, the active ingredients in Tribestan.


The ingredients of Tribestan are Tribulus terrestris, Cabosil, Microchristaline Cellulose, Polyvinilpirolidone, Polyplasdone, Magnesium stearate and Film Coating.

What exactly does Tribestan do?

Tribestan boosts the levels of testosterone by revitalizing the discharge of luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone energizes and leads to healthy formation of testosterone. As the body's natural testosterone stimulates simple protein synthesis and also favorable nitrogen balance, the positive aspects for the experienced and the sporting athlete involved in proactive coaching or work-out , are muscle tissue development and also increased body stamina along with better recuperation and also retrieval from muscle tissue hassle. Tribestan enhances libido, increases the motility of spermatozoa and also cures erectile dysfunction. Tribestan intake has observed simply no toxins or any adverse effects.


  • Offers free delivery worldwide.
  • Clinical research shown on the official website.
  • FAQ is provided on the official website.
  • Shows result after a span of 8 weeks.

Does Tribestan have any Side - Effects?

Tribestan is a natural product without any ambiguities, absolutely no toxins with no negative effects, if consumed as instructed you'll feel no harmful side-effects .You will observe a better experience of healthiness, extra energy, better sexual desire, much better appetite, reduces excess body fat, and also improved athletic results. While working out with weight load you may maximize stamina and muscle mass.


Tribestan enhances the level of testosterone in the body. Tribestan claim to be natural and safe. Tribestan intake has shown no toxins or any adverse effects. Tribestan is generally used by body builders and top athletes. Tribestan shows result in 8 weeks.

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