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Top 10 Causes of Death - World Health Organization!

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:25pm 1 Comment

The 10 leading causes of death rated according to wealth of the countries.

Inormation supplied by the World Health Orginization.

High-Income Countries Deaths in millions % of deaths
Coronary heart disease 1.34 17.1
Stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases 0.77 9.8
Ttachea, bronchus, lung ccancers 0.46 5.8
Lower respiratory infections 0.34 4.3
Chronic obstructive pulmanory disease 0.3 3.9
Colon and rectum cancers 0.26 3.3
Alzheimer and other dementias 0.22 2.7
Diabetes mellitus 0.22 2.7
Breast cancer 0.15 1.9
Stomach cancer 0.14 1.8

One of the facts that screams at me when I look at these statistics is that so many of these diseases are our own fault, their cause are mainly due to bad health habits.

When are you going to take note? Six feet under?

Your health


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Thank you for such an informative post. I am a 10 survivor of four rare chronic illnesses, none of which I personally caused myself. BUT....I take full responsibility to being a member of a generation that has created these probabilities to occur. It is the cost of progress I guess, but what worries me is the volume of dangers my generation has created. I had always believed that each generation tried to fix the damage that their creations seemed to evolve into. But there are simply too many with the current generation. From global warming, to all kinds of preservative, to oil shortages, to blah, blah, blah...You get my point. Although severely limited, I am isolated at home or what I refer to as "couch confined", I try to be informative to anyone willing to listen about the many dangers lurking out there just waiting to suck innocent unsuspecting human beings into their web.

Guess what....I have found most people are not appreciative, to say the least. They don't want to know. I have simply been stunned into numb-neck breaking submission to letting them have their way, and just leave them alone. Yet I feel so badly. I must watch as people gladlyparticipate every day in activity and in nourishment that I know will harm them eventually. I look at their children and see disease that used to hit us at 50-60 will affect them at 20-30 years old.

But what is most shocking is the number of times I have had a doctor or nurse ask me, "What did you do that was so terrible that deserved this level of punishment (death)" Can professionals really be so ignorant? I frankly haven't found a good comback. I am just so ashamed that my fellow man would rather convince themselves that the patient is just a bad person that deserves this punishment of ill health, just so they can ease their consciousness of worry that they might also be headed into danger. I simply have no words.



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