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They see aggressiveness as passion

Posted Jun 17 2009 7:37pm


From what have seen with woman and sensitive men is that the women want men to be sensitive about the women. They want to guy to over react to her looking at a guy. Going into a rage thinking she is cheating o him or just flying off the handle over some small issue. The woman with an ice pack on her eye realizing how sensitive her man is because he punched her. Seems like women see aggressiveness as passion and believe that translates into the bedroom. Like the woman I talked with you had a psychotic boyfriend. She said he was scary and nuts, but the sex was amazing. Lines get crossed with a sensitive man and an overly aggressive controlling man. I think woman need training just as much as men do when it comes to relationships and dating. Women laugh at men learning how to pick up women, but those same woman are choosing violent men and risking their mental and physical health. I' m finding it very hard to find a woman who has not had an overly sensitive and abusive boyfriend.
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