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These people cannot give or receive love

Posted Dec 24 2009 5:29am


I would like to believe a guy who does value personality/character/intelligence over looks will seek out that kind of woman even if he had money. He will probably want looks as part of the package, which most men do, but if she lacked the other essential attributes I don't think she would crack the nod with him.

I believe that men who ONLY want to be with beautiful, albeit stupid, women and women who ONLY want to be with rich, albeit physically unattractive (and by this I mean completely outside the norm of what she would go for in a guy if his money was not the aphrodisiac) and/or disloyal men DO NOT place any ivalue whatsoever on love. These are people who probably cannot give or receive love, not in any committed relationship anyway. For them feelings are transient and there is no desire to invest in a relationship. I also wonder how much value they place on happiness and contentment and just having a great and meaninful life. I don't think much, and they end up being very sad and lonely.
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