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The Vulvodynia Continues

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:43pm
I strongly believed that my pudendal neuralgia or never damage is a bigger problem than my vulvodynia, but I know better now.

I've gone to a lot of trouble to accommodate my never pain: I stand all day at work, I use the kneeling chair on occasion, I use a cushion in the car, I recline at home and avoid sitting. And for the most part, I've been doing well, certainly better than a year ago when I was in pain every day.

I use a compound for the vulvodynia at times, but sometimes it irritates my urethra, so my usage is sporadic.

My partner has been having some personal issues that have taken a very serious toll on our relationship. Last week was rough, but by Friday we had talked things through and we were back on track.

Makeup sex is the best part of a difficult time and let's just say that I was glowing on Friday night. Virtually no pain. Saturday, we needed the makeup some more, if you get my drift, but I wasn't physically ready.

I've always had the policy with my partner that I need at least a day off to recover, but I'd been doing so well with pain management and we were suddenly doing so well as a couple that I didn't want to stop making up.

I felt pain immediately and I thought it would diminish as we continued but it didn't. I was still in pain hours later. I realize now that by breaking my own rule, I started a flare. Two days later and I'm still in the same amount of pain.

I made a poor decision, but sometimes I just want to forget I have vulvodynia and live in the moment. I have to learn that there will be other moments and while the moment will pass quickly, the pain caused by not respecting my physical needs will last for days.
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