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The TEN things I LOVE on this FRIDAY, Day 12 of my 30 day challenge to write.

Posted Jul 02 2010 1:37pm



The TEN things I love on this Friday, day 12 of my 30 day challenge to write!



1. That this morning I held a baby who made my heart smile…and, then an hour later, I held a puppy that made my heart smile…by the time I went to my next meeting I wanted to hold an adult and make them smile.


2. My friends and my family. Every morning the moment my eyes open, before I get out of bed I say “thank you”. I think of each person in my life…see their face in my mind…and say, “thank you”. It is my little ritual that starts every one of my days reminding me how blessed I really am.




3. Dancing…I could dance ALL night long.



4. My good friend Mag’s made me 2 mix CD’s this week! Just makes me giddy.



5. Looking up and catching a man’s eyes that  takes your breath away…but… never showing it;).



6. Hearing from all my readers. It always makes me happy and feel grateful for what I do and the gift of connection.



7. When someone is kind hearted.



8. Romance in all its mysterious forms.



9. Working out…the satisfaction in the burn…and, of course, the results.



10. How I was just thinking this week that I miss hearing the birds sing in my new place…and, yesterday I am in my bedroom making up the bed…I look up and there is a Blue Jay sitting on the railing of my balcony…23 floors up! Like he came to say , “Hey there…we miss you too!”;)


 Happy Friday!!


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