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The Steve Phillips - Brooke Hundley Affair Should Make Cheating Men Think Twice

Posted Oct 23 2009 10:01pm
The Steve Phillips - Brooke Hundley infidelity scandal should make other cheating husbands very, very afraid..

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips had a brief affair with Brooke Hundley, a 22-year-old ESPN production assistant.

When Phillips ended their short-lived sexual affair, Hundley proceeded to stalk Phillips’ 16 year old son and harass, Marni Phillips, his wife.

How Brooke Hundley Harassed Steve Phillips’ Family

Brooke Hundley harassed the Phillips family to the point that they feared for their safety and were to file a police report. Scroll down for links to copies of the 3 official police reports made by Marni Phillips, Steve Phillips, and their 16 year old son.

Below are some of the things Brooke Hundley did
● She behaved irrationally and erratically behavior when Steve Phillips broke off the affair.

● She repeatedly called Phillips home and harassed Phillips’ wife Marni.

● She wrote a graphic letter to Marni Phillips with intimate details about the affair.

● She drove to Phillips home, parked in their driveway and personally placed the letter in their front door.

● When Marni Phillips wife encountered Hundley on the Phillips’ property returning to her car, Hundley backed into a stone column and drove across their lawn.

● She impersonated a classmate of the Phillips’ 16 year old son, contacted him through Facebook, corresponded with him for weeks, pumping him for details about their family, their daily routine and where they lived.

● She obtained detailed information about the kind of vehicles Phillips’ wife and son drove.

● She claimed that she went to the oldest son’s football practice, but was unable to locate him.

NOTE: This illustrates why I strongly recommend that a wife run a background check on her husband’s mistress so she’ll know what kind of person he’s dealing with. See the article entitled What You Need to Know About Your Husband’s Mistress and Why. But a cheating husband also needs to check his mistress out. Continue reading and you’ll see why.

Links to Official Documents Related to the Steve Phillips - Brooke Hundley Affair

● Letter from Brooke Hundley to Marni, Steve Phillips’ wife
● Police statement from Marni Phillips
● Police statement from the Phillips’ 16 year old son
● Police statement from Steve Phillips

A Cheating Man Would Do Well to Check His Mistress Out

Most cheating husbands or boyfriends know very little about the mistresses they are cheating with. They don’t even bother to run a simple online background check on the woman before they get involved.

These days there’s no excuse, because it’s easy to run a discreet online background check on anyone from your own computer in the privacy of your own home.

The $30 or $40 it costs to check out the woman he’s sleeping with, or intends to start sleeping with could turn out to be the best investment a cheating man will ever make. For less than what costs to wine and dine a mistress, or rent a hotel room, a cheating man can find out the answers to the questions below about his mistress, find out what kind of person he’s dealing with.

How Much Do You Know About Your Mistress?

Mistresses usually have ulterior motives. What are your mistress’s real motives for getting involved with you, knowing that you’re already married or in a committed relationship? What does she expect from you in return? And most importantly, what kind of reputation does she have?

● If it’s a workplace affair, is she hoping to get ahead or advance on the job?

● What is her financial situation? Has she ever filed for bankruptcy?

● Is she a “gold digger with a history of hooking up with married men?

● Is she financially strapped and looking for someone to pay her bills or supplement her income? (Like Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair)

● Is she planning to get pregnant so she can collect child support payments from you for the 18 years? (Like Rielle Hunter with John Edwards)

● Does she expect you to set her up as a “kept woman” so she’ll never have to work again?

● Does she have a jealous or vindictive husband or boyfriend waiting in the wings? (Like Stephanie Birkitt and David Letterman)

● Is she looking to get her “15 minutes of fame” through her association with you? ( Like Rielle Hunter with John Edwards)

● Does she keep a diary, a journal, or photos, or other mementos of the affair that someone could discover one day and try to blackmail you? (Like Stephanie Birkitt and David Letterman)

● Will the safety of your wife, or your children be compromised when you end the affair?

● If you break up with her, how will she react? Will she ruin your reputation, blackmail you, destroy your marriage? Will she try to seek revenge? See article entitled More Women are Resorting to Violent Acts of Revenge.

● Is she the type to become homicidal or suicidal if things don’t go her way? Will you end up another casualty like Steve McNair?)

NOTE: This is just a partial list. For a complete list of 35 questions a cheating husband needs to ask himself about his mistress, see the article entitled Brooke Hundley’s Behavior Raises Questions Every Cheating Man Should Ask About His Mistress on my National Infidelity Examiner page at

A Background Check on Your Mistress May Cause You to Mend Your Cheating Ways

If you’re cheating, or thinking about cheating, run a background check on your mistress ( or your intended mistress). It can benefit you in several ways
1. If you’re contemplating having an affair, a discreet background check may give you second thoughts about cheating on your wife.

2. The results of a background check may strengthen your resolve to end your affair.

3. A background check may help you realize the affair is not worth the trouble it could cause.

4. If you’re already cheating, a background check can alert you to the fact that you need to put protective measures in place to ensure your safety and the safety of your family.

NOTE: For a reputable and affordably priced service that allows you to run a discreet and confidential background check, visit

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