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The Psychology Of Swinging – What’s A Curious Girl To Do? (Video)

Posted Sep 29 2009 10:04pm

When it comes to swinging, setting the boundaries can seem awfully intimidating. Subconsciously, you might not want to set the boundaries because you’re nervous about swinging or you’re afraid of being rejected by your partner. You might not know how to talk to your partner about swinging, or how to begin setting the boundaries for what you’re comfortable with and what your partner is comfortable with. You’re curious about swinging, so what should you do?

A wife is interested in swinging and attracted to sexual encounters with girls (and guys), but is uncomfortable with the idea of letting her husband play too. Is this normal? Where can she set the boundaries?

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Complications Of Swinging

One of the problems that many couples have with swinging is that one of the partners wants to play with others, but they’re uncomfortable with their partner playing with anyone else. That’s why many couples have bad experiences with swinging, or don’t get into swinging at all, because they’re too jealous or selfish to let their partner have fun too. So if you’re uncomfortable with your partner getting to play, but you want to play, what do you do? The answer – which is the same for most questions about swinging – is talk to your partner. Be open with them. Tell them why it makes you uncomfortable. You might get lucky – your partner may not be interested in swinging themselves, but are interested in watching you play! You never know until you talk to your partner about it. But don’t be surprised if your partner feels that watching you swing while they’re on the sidelines isn’t fair (because it isn’t, unless they’re totally okay with it.)

Being Fair And Finding Balance

Jealousy and insecurity is normal when it comes to swinging and thinking about your partner having sexual pleasure with someone else. As fun as this idea might seem to you when you’re thinking about yourself getting to play, the tables can turn quickly when you imagine your partner with someone else. It’s important to be fair though, because unfair swinging has led to the destruction of many solid relationships. You need to learn how to work through your jealousy and insecurity and make sure you and your partner are both okay with swinging and each other swinging, and make sure that you both have open minds about it. If you can’t work through it? Don’t even go there. Don’t swing. Swinging isn’t for everybody and if you find that you’d rather not see your partner play, give up the idea of playing yourself.

The most important thing, however, is to talk to your partner before swinging. Come to agreements about what is okay and what isn’t. And don’t think you have to go all in if you’re just starting to swing. Maybe you just want to watch once or twice, or keep it soft. There are flavors of swingers for everyone, whether you want to go all the way or just keep it soft and sensual. You can always change your mind and go forwards – for example, if you want to start out just watching, maybe you can change it up and allow oral sex if you’re comfortable with that. Keep in mind, however, it’s harder to go back.

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