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The Good Wife - Proof That Infidelity is a Spectator Sport

Posted Sep 22 2009 10:11pm
It doesn’t surprise me that The Good Wife is predicted to be this season’s most popular new TV show.

In fact, it only confirms what I’ve been saying for the past few years:

Infidelity has become the new spectator sport.

The Good Wife, with its theme about a cheating politician’s wife, is definitely a TV series whose time has come.

A Recurring, but Popular Theme

Given the popularity of The Good Wife’s subject matter, husband and wife writing team, Robert and Michelle King seem to have come up with a real winner. The show should have widespread appeal.

Inspired by an ever- increasing list of cheating politicians constantly making front page news, this show, staring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, the cheating politician’s wife, is destined to be a big hit.

The Good Wife is a perfect example of art imitating life. The theme of the show, and the opening scene is one we’ve seen played out many times -- infidelity in the political arena, a cheating politician making a public statement, the cheating politician’s wife standing silently beside him as he apologizes or confesses all.

A Burning Interest in All Things Infidelity

As an infidelity expert frequently called on by the media to comment on high profile infidelity and popular infidelity issues in the news, I can personally attest to the public’s voracious appetite for information of any kind about infidelity, cheating spouses or an extramarital affairs – especially when a politician is involved.

Whenever a politician at any level of the government - local, state, and federal - cheats, or is rumored to be cheating on his wife, the public wants know every detail as the drama unfolds.

The same thing holds true if the cheater is a celebrity, sports figure, entertainer, corporate executive, or someone else in the public eye.

As I said: Infidelity has become a spectator sport.

It’s a recurring theme in most forms of entertainment, including soap operas, TV talk shows, movies, and best-selling novels

Editors, reporters, producers, radio and TV talk show hosts know that adding an infidelity element to the mix, almost guarantees an increase in viewers, listeners, or readers.

That’s why The Good Wife is predicted to be a hit.

Why Infidelity Has Universal Appeal

Infidelity is so widespread now, that unfortunately, most people can relate to it in some way. Everyone has at least one friend, relative, or co-worker who is cheating, or has been cheated on. Many people have been victims of infidelity themselves.

A USA Today/Gallup poll reported that 54% of Americans said they knew someone who had a cheating spouse.

If you factor in the number of unmarried people in committed relationships who are cheating on their mates, that percentage increases to somewhere around 75% - 80%.

If you take an average of the infidelity studies, statistics, surveys and polls from the last 5 to 7 years, it becomes clear that infidelity in one form or another (physical or sexual infidelity, emotional infidelity, online or internet infidelity, female infidelity, same-sex infidelity, workplace infidelity) affects an estimated 80% of all marriages and committed relationships today.

The Good Wife is Worth Watching

Starring Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth, and Christine Baranski, The Good Wife is well worth watching -- if for no other reason than to see how closely art imitates life, and to confirm that infidelity really has become a spectator sport.

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