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The G-Spot Mystery Revealed

Posted Aug 04 2009 5:36pm

How to Spot the G-Spot

Want to be labeled a ’sex god’? To achieve this, you must know her body like the back of your hand. By knowing her body intimately, you are better able to elicit great sexual responses with minimum effort.

For men, women already know that they should focus on our penis and prostate. Women also have two main important sexual triggers: the clitoris, which is accessible from outside their bodies) and the g-spot, which requires a bit more probing as it’s located inside their vaginal walls.

Now, many men are probably already fully aware of how they can stimulate the clitoris. The g-spot, however, is another matter altogether! First of all, it’s not easy to spot the g-spot. However, if you know where it is and how to stimulate it, you can bet that she’ll be yours forever with all those earth-shattering orgasms you can give her.

WHERE is the G-spot?

The g-spot is located behind her pubic bone, about 2-3 inches up her vaginal wall. The spot feels like the underside of your mouth in that it has ridges so it should be easy to distinguish it based on texture. However, if you’re after exact size and coordinates, that’s not gonna happen because each woman is built differently.

As a rough guide, think of her navel as ‘12 o’clock’. Between 11 and 1, you should be able to spot her g-spot. When stimulated, the spot is just like the clitoris in that it becomes slightly puffed up. As such, it’s in your best interest to engage in heavy foreplay while you try and find the spot!

What to Do with the G-Spot

Perfect Earth-shattering gspot orgasms are often caused by brief, but steady, friction. One of the best positions to apply this steady friction is when you take her from behind. This is because as you thrust, your penis gets to constantly reach, graze and tap her gspot. This gspot stimulation technique using your penis and you’re likely to hear a (pleasurable) scream from her like never before. She would never ‘fake it’ anymore because quite frankly, there’s nothing to fake. From this point on, you ARE a master lover capable of bringing her rock-hard orgasms.

But if for some reason doggy-style is not working for you guys, no sweat. You can go finger licking good style.

As mentioned above, the g-spot is slightly puffed up when she’s sexually stimulated. As all women differ, this puffed up spot can be anywhere from the size of a dime to a quarter. Regardless, the slightly engorged area should help you locate her gspot inside her. And once you do, a few, steady, masterful strokes are all you need to do to drive her wild.

As you stimulate her spot, she’ll have this sense of desperately wanting to pee. This is partly because you’re stimulating an area near her urethra. Whatever you do though, DON’T STOP. Reassure her that the sensation is normal and that she wont’ pee… but she will experience an orgasm like NEVER before.

The Hunt for the G-Spot

If you can’t find her g-spot immediately, don’t worry… practice makes perfect.

  • Ask your partner to lie down and make her as comfortable as you can by surrounding her with pillows; use one to prop her hips.
  • Slowly insert two fingers (palm up) insider her and start to slowly explore the front of her vaginal wall. Look for a slightly engorged area that’s slightly rough. Be attentive to her reactions so that you don’t end up causing her pain. As you come closer her gspot, you’ll notice that she’s slowly moving her pelvis to guide you home.
  •  With your other hand, touch her abdomen with a flat palm and apply some pressure. By applying ‘downward’ pressure, you’re better able to arouse her g-spot from the inside.

By now, your partner must be delirious from pleasure, try one of the positions listed below for maximum climax.

Top 3 Positions to End Your G-Spot Adventure

Position #1. Woof-woof.

Assume the doggy-style position, with her head bent low and her rump up high. Scoot behind her, hold her hips firmly and penetrate deeply. While inside her, aim your penis against her g-spot and reach and stimulate it. With these few well-aimed thrusts, she’ll be screaming out your name in no time.

Position #2. Missionary with a Twist.

Guide your partner to a comfortable position lying down. As you enter her, fold her legs until her knees reach her breasts. As in the position mentioned above, ‘extend’ your thrusts so that the tip of your penis touches her gspot.

Position #3. Reverse Cow Girl.

Lie down and ask your woman to straddle you. This time though, ask her to straddle you the other way, with her facing your feet instead. (I know you won’t get to see her breasts bounce but hey, at least you see her behind!) In this position, your penis is perfectly angled to hit her g-spot. Just one thing to take note of: as she comes wildly from the g-spot orgasm, take care that she doesn’t hurt your penis!

Tonight, make it a night she will never ever forget. Give her a g-spot climax and brand her for life!

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