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The Freedom of Forgiveness

Posted Nov 09 2007 12:00am
We all know that we need to forgive those that have hurt us or let us down. Resentment only hurts the one who holds it. As long as we hold on to our resentments, we tie the person and event that caused us pain to us. It becomes a burden, which holds us down and prevents us from realizing the happy and fulfilling life that we could have. I have tried just saying I forgive so and so. It does not work. It does not remove the emotional charge from the memory or cut the ties that bind us to the past. I had to turn once again to meditation and the power of my imagination.

In meditation, I began with focusing on the qualities of God with my attention in my heart. Once I felt my heart swell with love and peace, I pictured the person I needed to forgive. I spoke to them as if they were right in front of me. It was important for me to tell them how I feel, which is to say, how I felt at the time that I felt hurt. Then I would tell them that I know they did the best they could with what they knew at that time. I took ownership of my part in it by either causing their action or allowing it. Then I told them that I forgive them and let them go, declaring us both free. After doing this with certain individuals a few times, I was actually able to say, “I love you and I support your highest good.” More and more, I feel released and free of the past. My reactions to people and events in my life have become more appropriate because they are not based on past experiences.

Prayer of Forgiveness
I forgive you for every way that you have hurt me. I know you did the best you could with what you knew at that time.
I am sorry for every way that I hurt you. Please forgive me.
I send you Love & Light from my heart to yours.
I sever the connection between us, with love & peace.
I lovingly set you free.

Prayer of Self-forgiveness & Release of Guilt, Shame, & Regret
I forgive you for every mistake you have ever made. I know you did the best you could with what you knew at that time.
I am proud of who you are. You are a wonderful person.
I support you in every way. I love you unconditionally.
I give you permission to let go now of every bit of guilt, shame, & regret.
I sever the cord that binds them to you with love & peace.
You are now free to live as Love & Light.

The following is a forgiveness prayer adapted from The Sermon on the Mount, by Emmet Fox. This prayer is to be done once only for each person for whom you hold resentments. Before using this prayer, it is recommended that you center yourself in peace and love, focus on the qualities of God, and affirm that you are entirely willing to forgive now.

“I fully & freely forgive _________; I now let him/her go. I completely forgive the entire situation involving _________. It is finished forever. I cast the burden of resentment on the Christ within me. _________ is now free & I am free. I wish ________ well in all aspects of their life. The Christ within us has set us free. It is done.”

Forgiving others does not necessarily mean that we must like them. We are not required to like anyone. We are to hold the thought in our mind of goodwill toward everyone, but we certainly will not want to force ourselves to like those who are hurtful, mean, or insulting. If we fail to forgive others, we will continue to be bound to them. Our resentments attach us to the objects of resentment and prevent our own progress in every area of life.

Another method of forgiving and releasing the past is Ho’oponopono, which means, “to make right”, in Hawaiian. It is a cleansing technique that you can learn more about by visiting the links below or reading Dr. Joe Vitale’s new book, “Zero Limits.” The basic process is to think of someone who creates a negative emotional charge in you and focus on the feeling in you, not the person. Because we are all connected and one with God you say, “I am sorry for how I have created this. Please forgive me. Please remove this from me, and from the world. Thank you, God. I love you.” There is an amazing story the book about a doctor in Hawaii that used this technique with severely mentally ill patients with remarkable success. Whenever you see someone who brings to mind feelings of pity, disgust, or anger, use this technique to clear what it is in you that has contributed to their condition. You will free yourself of the negative emotions and help that person express a higher vibration.

For my own practice, I have altered the process slightly. I think of the person I have a negative reaction to and say to them, “I recognize you as a perfect expression of God. I honor your divinity. I am sorry for every way that I have hurt you. Please for give me. I forgive you for every way that you have hurt me. Thank you for contributing to my life. I support your highest good. I love you. I bless you. I release you. We are free.” When I do this, I feel light, joyful, and clear.

My you know that you are free.
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