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The fifty/fifty love is possible?

Posted Jan 06 2010 3:59pm

how cannot I exppress my feelings?
I dont know how to love other way
other than my way....
I dont know how to fake feelings.

Now, after the years, I feel what someone else felt for me;
love, passion, tenderness with a true love for me
and I was not capable to  feel the same way for that one.

I saw her in love pain, I saw her begging me for love,
I saw her bleeding love for me, but I was so insensitive
I was so selfish.... Now I would like to turn back time
to say face to face How bad I feel now and say sorry.

I would like to express to her how sorry I am because I've hurt
her feelings, I didn't know what is being heartbroken.
I didn't know how is trying to make someone to understand that you love him/her,
I didn't know how is feeling hopelessly in love,
fighting a battle day after day just trying to be with that person.

When you are dying for a person, you dont listen to the person who is dying for you.
you're so obsessed trying to find love in the wrong person and you dont realize that
you have been loved already, yes, you have been loved... but not from the person you want.

Suddenly, you got tired of trying making her/him love you,
you decide to stop fight for her/his love, you got heartbroken,sad and wound.
Then you find yourself alone, you look back trying to find the person who has been
begging you for love, but that person is not longer there. Again, you find yourself
alone and you start the search for another person to love, hoping to receive love from
that person in the same way you give love, but not always is true.. not always is possible,
no matter how hard you try, love is something spontaneous, something that comes from the heart
there is no fromula, there is no recipe, this is how love it is.

For some reason, the "love avenue" is not always 2 ways, there are keepers or givers...
In a relationship, for some reason, in the "love avenue", one way is closed and you start to give only
some times the other way is closed, and you start to receive only.

The fifty/fifty love is possible?
It looks like two hearts cannot feel love at the same time, why?

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