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The Fatigue Solution – Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps

Posted Apr 02 2012 5:50am

I’ve just finished Dr Eva Cwynar’s new book: The Fatigue Solution . Cwynar is an endocrinologist and has put together an eight-step plan to help boost energy levels and beat fatigue. Each chapter covers one of the ‘steps’ so you can dip in and out and read the section that’s relevant to your symptoms. It covers food, sleep, digestion and colonics, sex, exercise, thyroid issues, menstruation, and health tests. As a well known endocrinologist based in LA, she has a celebrity clientele so the case studies are juicy reading – the rock star’s daughter who couldn’t sleep after having a stripper pole installed in her bedroom. How Perla Hudson has turned her bedroom into a sexual sanctuary with a mirrored ceiling and an iron rod gate in the hallway to stop her kids coming in. ‘I wanted a space where I could be completely uninhibited and where my little pumpkins couldn’t somehow get by a locked door. The gate does the trick.’ She also books a hotel room every now and then to make sure she and hub get quality time together.

I know that semen can help fight depression; it contains substances that relax us and improve mood so we’re more able to cope with stressful situations. I didn’t know that period sex can help prevent endometriosis. A Yale study shows that women who have sex during menstruation are 1.5 times less likely to develop endometriosis than women who never have sex during their period. Researchers also found that orgasm during menstruation reduces the risk of endometriosis, as it has been linked to an accumulation of fluid in the pelvic cavity.

Cwynar has travelled lots with her work so compares Eastern and Western medicine, customs and attitudes towards health. She says Japanese loos are the most relaxing with dim lighting, bonsai and full length teak doors (not to mention the hygienic roll for the toilet seat). In Germany, they have ‘double decker’ toilets in a reverse bowl design to hold poo out of the way prior to flushing so you can check how healthy it is. I wish our shopping centres would adopt the same philosophy; plastic half-length doors and strip lighting are hardly relaxing.

In Thailand, foot massage is common practice, as they believe the feet carry most of our stress and tension. This involves a 1.5 hour treatment which starts with your feet being immersed in hot water, rubbed with oils and your toes pulled and snapped. After which you feel amazing.

I’m passing this book on to my girlfriends as fatigue and lack of energy is a common complaint. It’s an interesting and informative (evidence-based) book which I found quite empowering.

Read the full article here .

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