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The Da Vinci Code

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:16pm
I read the book long ago and was not sure if I wanted to see the movie as the book, while a fun read, had not impressed me much. I had studied all that stuff about Mary and the Church since my mid 20's (and as I am a bit dated, that would translate into 20+ years) and had read most of the books that it referenced years ago. It was old news. Yawn. Brown's book Angels and Demons was a much more interesting read for me.

Then the reviews came out and I figured I could wait until it came out in DVD. But my friends called and invited us out to see it so I thought, what the heck.

It wasn't bad as movies go.

But it hit me in odd places and odd ways. I cried lots in it. The scenes with the monk self flagellating and the meetings of the church elites made my body feel schizoid like it always does during similar scenes in movies. My heart beats wildly, I can't breathe easily, my legs start to twitch, my guts tighten, I feel very very cold, my brain goes numb. I loose my ability to keep feeling sane and go into an overwhelming sense of fear and panic. I don't experience this anywhere else. It's very weird, not normal and I know these feelings come from memories of past life experiences I have had before. They were not fun. In fact, they kind of threw me into a catatonic state when I went there a few times many years ago when I was doing all that stuff. And every time now in a movie, there it is: I am right back there in panic mode. I have to remind myself to breathe.

Then the scenes in the cathedrals and Rosslyn... INTENSE feelings of peace, longing, yearning, and "home." In fact, whenever I see pictures of Ireland and Scotland I get those. With these I have no specific memories so am not sure what they are about yet.

All in all, though, I was wondering why the Vatican was getting its panties in such a bunch about the film when the book had been out and so popular for so long. I got that is is because things are so very powerful in the visual and not nearly as many people read as go to movies. I don't understand why they are so afraid. If someone's faith in the Church can be swayed by a movie, they don't have much faith in the Catholic Church. I feel sorry for their fear and their lack of faith in their faith.
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