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The Benefits Of White Tiger Tantra

Posted Apr 18 2010 11:57am
As a practitioner of White Tiger Tantra, I've often been asked by women and couples, what are the benefits of incorporating tantra or tantric massage into their love lives.

Well, for a variety of reasons, but because there are so many different forms of tantra out there, I'll focus on White Tiger Tantra specifically.

White Tiger Tantra Improves Female Sexual Health

This means that a lot of problems that woman are afflicted with due to impoverished sex lives, such as female sexual disorders, menstrual cramps, incontinence, depression and anxiety, can rapidly be resolved through regular tantric massage.

White Tiger Tantra Removes Stress &Tension

Removing stress and tension in a woman's body, allows for sexual energy to flow more freely. By building up sexual energy for prolonged periods of time our brain chemistry begins to change as well. We start to produce more endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These are the chemicals that are known as "The cocktail of love", which can literally wash away symptoms of depression, PMS and anxiety.

White Tiger Tantra Leads To Full Body Orgasms
As the majority of women have localized genital orgasms, sexual energy remains trapped in the lower chakras, which can feel very unsatisfying on many levels. White Tiger Tantra massage techniques are powerful in helping pierce through the chakras, drawing energy up to the heart and through the higher energy centers, leading to full body orgasms and female ejaculation.

White Tiger Tantra Rejuvenates
Tantra can have an awesomely rejuvenating effect on the body, mind and spirit. As depression is wiped away, it can take years off the of the face and bring back mental clarity. My experience with White Tiger Tantra, has proven that it is THE fountain of youth. The emotions that we carry around for years become etched in our faces as we grow older...gravity isn't the only player. For example, people who are cruel and often speak ill of others have lips that go thin over time. Frown lines inevitably develop on the faces of those who have held onto a lot of anger over the years. Releasing the trapped emotions in the body through tantric massage then becomes much like peeling the skins of an onion...revealing one's shiny and bright core.

White Tiger Tantra Improves Intimacy

Great sex is important to sustaining intimate connections and we naturally want to be around people who can help amplify positive states in us. When practicing with a partner, White Tiger Tantra can awaken and amplify a woman's sensuality and sexuality very powerfully...opening her up to becoming more receptive to giving and receiving love.

For those of you who are thinking about integrating tantra into your love lives, I hope this brief article about the benefits of White Tiger Tantra was somewhat helpful and informative.

Much Love,

Women Awakened
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