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The Benefits Of Lying

Posted Oct 01 2009 10:42pm
I was listening to a show about lying on NPR last Sunday. One segment was about lying to oneself. The story started with a report on a study about the body's responses to asking a series of startling questions about some (what the scientists think are) universal human experiences such as :

"Have you ever enjoyed having a bowel movement?"

"Have you ever fantasized about raping someone or being raped?"

They had a few more examples but I forgot. What I didn't forget was that their results led them to conclude that the body will tell the truth, even when we lie to ourselves.

It was the second study that interested me even more. An atheletic scientist used the test questions to study the correlation between lying to oneself and success. The results of their study showed that those who lie to themselves are better in sports and business. And Life. They were happier people, more content within themselves and their relationships. It was the people who always looked at and got lost in the "truth" of life that experienced more depression.

Found that real interesting.
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