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Text Love

Posted Jul 01 2008 12:00am
July 29, 2008 | By niccitalbot

According to a poll by directory enquiry service, women rate men on their wit with words and the ability to flirt by text.

90% of girls in the poll said they preferred to text rather than chat initially and three-quarters rated a man on his texting style. Of the 2,000 adults surveyed the majority thought that men need to be witty and stylish to connect with a woman. Women like to see emotional intelligence, and logical, practical texts without humour are a turn off. 63% disliked emoticons and abbreviated texts.

I have to agree. My partner wooed me initially through his witty texts, emails and his way with words – a quality I find appealing. We send a lot of texts in the UK in comparison with other countries, probably because it’s an indirect form of communication that can be responded to in time. Texting can definitely help build rapport and intrigue in the dating game and it’s a great tool for foreplay. A woman needs a little time and mental preparation to feel ready for sex and it can be a great way to demonstrate your sense of humour. Just don’t forget to call her afterwards!

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