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Ten Things to do Every Day to Keep your Marriage Alive

Posted Jul 01 2008 4:11pm
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Many couples are looking for simple ways to improve their relationship. If you have read this blog, or if you have been married for a significant amount of time you know a healthy and happy marriage requires a lot of energy and care.

Still sometimes we need a little help! Sometimes we forget the easy and simple things that keep us going strong.

This article is to help those who need a reminder or two for quick and easy ways to nourish their relationship. Like a flower needs daily water, so too do our relationships need constant care.

I have come up with ten very quick and simple things you can do, each under one minute, every day to keep your marriage strong. You could probably do all ten in under one minute, but why not invest a little more time?

Here you go... Ten Things to do Every Day to Keep your Marriage alive:

1. Give a compliment to your spouse.

2. Kiss for at least ten seconds. (All at once or over ten kisses).

3. Express gratitude for something specific.

4. Look into the eyes of your beloved for more than ten seconds.

5. Flirt, really seriously flirt.

6. Remember a fabulous memory you shared together.

7. Rededicate yourself to your marriage and partner.

8. Do something nice for your partner, just to make him or her happy.

9. Be your best self.

10. Say I love you, out loud.

Now, I am sure there are many more little actions you can take each day, so be creative. The important thing is to keep the spark alive, to remember why you got married, to take some time to nurture your relationship each and every day!

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