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Ten Mistakes You Do When Giving Her Oral Sex!

Posted Jan 17 2012 9:41pm

Hi, girls. Hi, boys!

Today, we are going to talk about unpleasant things that you can do intentionally or unintentionally when giving your girl cunnilingus. No matter if your intentions were to satisfy her, or surprise her, there are usual mistakes that people commonly repeat. Just imagine, you`d certainly want to know what are these mistakes, and here`s the top ten list of worst things that you can do, so you can evade them for sure next time!

1)      Ask her "What`s that smell?"

Ok! We all know that sometimes fanny can have funny scent. Do not call it smell at the first place because it doesn`t have to depend on hygiene always. Beside hygiene, it can depend on couple of other factors like menstrual cycle, health, underwear, or others… If we exclude the possibility that you would go to a bed with an unhealthy or dirty girl, scent is something you`ll have to start to like.

Just for a fact, a penis has a funny scent to girls too!

2)      Rush too fast!

Cunnilingus is a methodical skill. It has to be rhythmical and almost ritual, totally dedicated to the tempo of your lover!  Girls need more time to get it on. Deal with it if and train your patience if you want to show her off your skills.

3)      Be too hard on her!

Be aware that vulva is very sensitive! Do not even think about biting and such. Harder is not better in this case. Big time – no, no!

4)      Blow air into a vagina!

NO! It could kill her actually! It is called embolism.

5)      Having comments about her pubic hair.

If you didn`t tell her how you like to lick it before sex, than it is actually - late. Only if you think that it is okay to cause someone shame without a reason (and give potential sexual trauma)? I hope you don`t think so. After the sex, best day after, you can tell her that you would like to try it "bold" or whatever turns you on.

6)      Going straight on her clit.

That is so amateur! Even if you think that cunnilingus is foreplay, it needs foreplay too! Work around first. Work a lot!

7)      Keep hands still, like a statue!

No! Your hands are there to caress and to hold her. Lick your finger and help with him in the action. Find her erogenous zones and play with them. Bring her to the ecstasy. Synchronized action is what will make her go crazy.

8)      Giving up after she tells you "no"!

Girls say it only because they are ashamed. Be persistent! Help her to get free and get that fire from her!

9)      Lap her with your tongue like a dog!

Dog-style is not a choice. Cat-style, more!

10)   Eating her out after a chilly burrito in the Mexican restaurant.

Do you really need an explanation?

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